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I have already told you about Plogging to brighten up your running outings, and I have also given you three recipes to delight your stomach before, during or after these outings. The problem is that all these tips don't really apply where you spend most of your days: the office. So I have put together a short list of actions for you to do at work to respect our little blue planet as much as possible.



A gourd is good, a good gourd is better

To begin with, the first trick is the easiest. It's time to invest in a reusable bottle! No more plastic bottles, say goodbye to to throwaway coffee cups and please welcome your personal environmentally friendly water bottle. There are some in every colors, in every format and available in many different biodegradable materials. The top: stainless steel or glass. Avoid plastic bottles as much as possible, they deteriorate quickly and end up mixing with your drink. In addition, its lifetime is much longer than cups (there is no risk of breaking it by dropping it) and above all, with your customizable little designs you can show off during the coffee break.


Don’t forget your Tupperware

Whether you want to enjoy your homemade meals (and impress your colleagues with your starred chef skills) or pick up your sushi to take away from the delicious Japanese restaurant in the area, don't forget to use your Tupperware (like your water bottle, prefer glass or stainless steel, because by putting your tupp' in the microwave you will end up eating more plastic than food). If you run out of recipes, don't worry: I'll give you some in a future article. Concerning the takeaway sale, although it's very practical, it is nevertheless extremely polluting. Indeed, between plastic packaging, paper napkins and disposable cutlery, there is a lot of waste. So don't hesitate to bring your Tupperware the next time you plan to eat takeaway products.


Stop forgetting to turn off the light

It almost sounds like a cliché, but you might be surprised. Did you know that sending an e-mail with an attachment consumes as much energy as a light bulb that is on for 24 hours? Indeed you don't need to be absent-minded Without us knowing it, the use of our mailboxes consumes a lot of energy. Today our mailboxes and their servers pollute more than the aviation sector.

To reduce this ecological impact as much as possible, I have several simple solutions to offer you. You can start by reducing the amount of e-mail sent as much as possible, prefer a little chat with coffee (in addition you can drink it in your totally impregnated aluminum bottle). Don't forget to delete your emails once you have read them, it will save a few bulbs from a slow and painful death (of course if they contain important docs, don't hesitate to save them directly on your computer).



Find out about the circular economy adapted to your company

To deal with the waste that will remain despite all these awesome tricks, my best advice would be to try to find out about companies in the circular economy that are adapted to yours. You will necessarily find your happiness there, considering all the possibilities they offer: whether it is an email box platform that reduces the carbon impact and secures the data, a start-up that recovers and redistributes electronic equipment and/or office equipment, or the tinder of the construction industry that prevents waste from artisans/manufacturers to end up in the dumpster.

I hope you appreciated these 4 tips and that you will do your best to apply as many as possible. Of course, there are many others. So don't hesitate to do your own research or invent your own trick if you are inspired.

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