Squadrunner becomes Squadeasy

SquadRunner becomes Squadeasy

Publié par Boogie on May 15, 2019 9:14:59 AM

Before your heart gets carried away and reading this title has the effect of an interval training session on your body, Boogie wants to reassure you: in this new version, you will still find the SquadRunner universe as you like it. In this article, Boogie explains everything behind this new name and app.


What is Squadeasy ?

Squadeasy is first and foremost a new version of the app, with a new more intuitive and interactive design. In the Squadeasy app, you can now find several universes.

First of all, a universe exclusively dedicated to running activities under the name of SquadRunner. Does that ring a bell? You understood correctly, SquadRunner does not disappear and does not change, but simply becomes a universe among others in the Squadeasy app. Your team, your points, your favorite Squaddies, your ranking, everything is kept as it is.

The great novelty in Squadeasy is the integration of a new multi-activity universe. This universe is independent of the SquadRunner universe. In this new world, you can score points with your running activities but also cycling and walking activities. You will also find new missions related to these three activities, quizzes, and of course boosts. New Squads, a new ranking, new goals, that's the multi-activities universe!


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If you wish to vary your activities, you can now create a new team in this second universe. It is the opportunity to embark on the adventure with your family, your friends, your colleagues. All those who couldn't follow you so far because "running is not their thing". From now on, even your least athletic relatives can earn points thanks to walking, for example. The perfect opportunity to tackle physical inactivity with all your loved ones by promoting good habits on a daily basis, which will be rewarded in your favorite app.

A multi-activity challenge for all

You are a runner and "running only" enthusiast, no worries, you can continue your experience in the SquadRunner universe as if nothing had changed. But Boogie invites you to take a look at the multi-activities challenge, you never know, you might get a taste for it.

So to summarize, Squadeasy is: one app, a single user profile, several universes, more activities, more possibilities.

If you still have a lot of questions after reading this article, Boogie has prepared an article that explains the technical details of this new application:

How to use the new app


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