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Squadeasy: a multi-activity challenge for all

Publié par Boogie on May 15, 2019 9:15:32 AM

The Squadeasy app now offers different universes, including a multi-activity one that takes into account running, cycling and walking activities. An opportunity to bring together even more Squaddies, athletics or not, and fight together against sedentary lifestyles, to the rhythm of quizzes, missions and boosts. In this article, Boogie explains why it was important for him to include these new physical activities.

SquadRunner becomes Squadeasy

Make more people move

If some people sometimes forget it, because the competitive instinct quickly takes over, Boogie's main goal is to get as many people moving as possible, so that they can develop or regain good habits and feel better. Integrating new activities such as cycling or walking broadens the community to a wider range of profiles. Whether you walk only 5000 steps a day, are a bike enthusiast, like to move for fun, all profiles can now participate in the challenge that was previously exclusively for runners.

If you were already a SquadRunner fan, you know how motivating it can be to join a team, participate in missions, answer quizzes and distribute your boosts strategically. The Squadeasy multi-activity universe is an opportunity for you to share these pleasures with your friends, family and loved ones with more varied profiles. No need to be a seasoned runner or sportsman to join our beautiful community of Squaddies, everyone is welcome.


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Vary the pleasures for a more complete training

Boogie can never repeat it enough, cross training is very beneficial for your health. Athletes who practice only one type of physical activity are very rare. And many of you, loyal Squaddies, had asked Boogie for it: he heard you!

Taking steps into account also allows you to collect points with more varied activities such as tennis, dancing, pilates... everything that makes you move and fight against enemy number 1: sedentary life. Only one condition, to have your phone or a compatible watch on you that records your steps at the time of the activity. So, with Squadeasy, you can now move by varying the pleasures and be rewarded.

It's your turn to play! Download or update the application. Join or create a team in the Multi-activity Squadeasy Universe and invite everyone who deserves to take care of them while having fun!

How to use the new app


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