Running playlist: let's rock!

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Running can be boring but I you listen to good music, your running session can go much faster! Today, I'll tell you about one of my favorite running playlists : let's rock!


Total playlist duration: at least one hour.


  • Pink Floyd - Echoes, 1st part (7’00’’)

Don't panic, the beeps you hear in the first few seconds are not intended to give you a Luc Léger Test. It's the opposite since this is the kick-off to your exercise of the day - and can you think of a better introduction than the one offered by Rick Wright's musical keyboard? You empty your brain and do some softening movements on the gradual arrival of the music, the drums only enter the scene at the end of the first two minutes. Even when the whole group joins together, the tempo remains slow, you have time to settle comfortably into your run by jogging slowly.



  • The Clash - London calling (3’20’’)

We don't cross the Atlantic yet but a much more massive border is crossed: the one that separates progressive rock from punk-rock. Launched, you take a little nerve - including a few tempo points, but not only.


  • In case of sunny jogging: Steppenwolf - The pusher (6’00”)

This time we cross the ocean to find ourselves in the middle of an Easy rider. From its Soundtrack and Steppenwolf, we willingly give Born to be wild to the playlist "Route 66", since our preference goes to the twilight nonchalant The pusher; much calmer after the passage of the Clash.


OR in case of rainy jogging: The Doors - Riders on the storm (7’00’’)


Rainy jogging, happy jogging. For the atmosphere, especially, more than the rhythm.




  • Creedence Clearwater Revival - Born on the Bayou (5’15’’)

One of the largest "CCR" tubes, less deep in the body than Proud Mary, more suitable for foundries. A magnificent cruising speed in a hydrofoil boat under the Everglades sun, if that doesn't carry you...


  • David Bowie - Starman (4’15’’)

Re-England. Bowie. Classy. What else ?


  • Led Zeppelin - Trampled under foot (5’35’’)

An atypical composition for the big-balloon quartet, used to more complex and less repetitive structures. This shows that, with talent, it is possible to build a piece on a unique, mechanical and perpetual riff without necessarily transforming it into a song. Bang, Franz Ferdinand.



  • Brian Jonestown Massacre - Straight up and down (4’35’’)

Other tracks from Anton Newcombe's band could have been suitable for this selection, such as those of their best enemies the Dandy Warhols, who romp through the wonderful world of psychedelic rock. This homogeneous style, both soaring and often rhythmically regular, is perfect for your current hobby, if it is to your liking you can certainly make it an exclusive running playlist.

NB #1 : The documentary Dig !, which shows the life of these two tapes for several years, is highly recommended. You will approach one of humanity's greatest mysteries, namely how Newcombe, a totally uncontrollable and decadent character (yes, even on a rock scale) can still be alive at the time these lines are published.

NB #2 : Original Soundtrack always (see above), Scorsese always, Straight up and down is used for the credits of the Boardwalk Empire series, also highly recommended.


  • The Black Keys - Girl is on my mind (3’30’’)

Duo who likes American cars (El Camino) and airships with a German name. Everything is linked.

  • Blue Öyster Cult - O.D.'d on life itself (4’50’’)

A correct song from a great album of an essential band. Less exposed than the discography of Led Zep', we inform you this Tyranny and Mutation for after your shower in full listening. And, no, you are not dreaming, this formation is called the cult of the blue oyster, esotericism is of good quality in the 70s.





  • The Who - Won't get fooled again (8’35’’)

Eight. Minutes. And a half. Without the use of progressive rock. Gentlemen, well done.

  • Grand Funk Railroad - Rock n'roll soul OR We're an american band OR Walk like a man (3’30’’ to 4’00’’)

A beautiful festive rock piece by an inhabited power trio. Also listen to their cover of The Stones, Gimme Shelter.

  • Finale without thrill: Lynyrd Skynyrd - Free bird WITHOUT the guitare solo (4’40’’)

A nice southern walk to slow down and finish smoothly.

OR Finale with a moderated: Black Sabbath - Paranoid (3’00’’)

Where Ozzy Osbourne passes, the rate of madness increases. Not just crazy, okay.


OR Finale with a superhuman thrill: Lynyrd Skynyrd - Free bird WITH the guitare solo (9’00’’)

The calm before the storm, then the accelerando will seek the solo, irresistible, monumental, legendary. Four minutes of guitar solo is also endless, and it's starting to get a lot of excitement, if you hold the shock, congratulations to yourself. Above Luc Léger's Test, the free bird test.


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