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How to use the new Squadeasy app

Publié par Boogie on May 15, 2019 9:15:55 AM

You had a perfect command of the SquadRunner app and now a new version is turning everything upside down. Don't panic, Boogie had time to train and prepared an article for you so that the change could take place without major adventures. Once you finish reading, you will be able to use the application like a boss.


The Squadeasy application is available on Android from version 4.2 and on iPhone from iOS 9. Unfortunately, Squadeasy is not available on Windows Phone.


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Registration, update and login

  • You are an experienced Squady and you already have a SquadRunner account:

All you have to do is update to access the new version of the application, which is now called Squadeasy. You can then login with your SquadRunner IDs to access your account.

You automatically connect to the SquadRunner universe and find your profile, your team and your points as you left them.

To join the new multi-activity Squadeasy universe, which now includes running, cycling and walking just go in the side menu, under the universe tab :

  • click on "join a new universe"
  • click on "join a public universe"
  • click on "multi-activity"
  • You can choose to create a new team or join an existing one.

Please note that the Multi-Activity Squadeasy Universe is independent of the SquadRunner universe.  You will not find your SquadRunner team in the team list. You are free to create one just like it or choose new Squaddies for this universe.

On the other hand, any recorded or synchronized running outing will automatically be taken into account in all your universes. Cycling and walking outings will only be taken into account in the multi-activity Squadeasy universe.


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  • You're new to Boogie's world:

Download the Squadeasy app from the Play Store for Android or the App Store for iOs, or visit to create an account and start the adventure.

You can register with your Facebook account by accepting the connection between Squadeasy and Facebook or with your email address by choosing a password.

Boogie invites you to read the FAQ to learn more about the application and its features.  
FAQ Squadeasy

What's new in Squadeasy?

  • Private universes:

Private universes are challenges created by companies to help their employees fight against sedentary lifestyles.

If your company has given you a company code, you can join a private universe.

If you like the idea of sharing your Squadeasy experience with your colleagues, don't hesitate to suggest the idea to your employer and you could enjoy an additional world.


A multi-activity challenge for all


  • Public universes:

There are currently two public universes:  

  • A multi-activity universe that integrates running, cycling and walking, under the name of Squadeasy.
  • A world exclusively reserved for running, under the name of SquadRunner, which retains the specificities of the old application.


  • Point's calculation:

Running (SquadRunner and Squadeasy Universe) :

  • Distance Points: 5 pts per 1 km covered
  • Speed Points: 10% of the  distance's points x speed
  • Race points: Distance points + Speed points
  • Vertical drop points: 10 pts every 100m
  • Boost Bonus: 1 boost = + 10%. 

Cycling (Squadeasy Universe):

  • Distance Points: 3 pts per 1 km
  • Speed Points: 1.5% * pts distance * speed
  • Race points: Distance points + Speed points
  • Vertical drop points: 5 pts every 100m
  • Boost Bonus: 1 boost = + 10%.

Walking (Squadeasy Universe):

  • 60 points for 10,000 steps


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  • New activities:

To understand how to record your steps, bike rides and running, Boogie invites you to read the FAQ in the section: "Registration and Synchronization".

FAQ Squadeasy

  • Synchronise from a tracker

To synchronise your activities from a compatible tracker, there are several options:

  • From the lateral bar, clic "preferences", than on "Tracker"
  • From the icon "Move", clic on the iconsynchroniser icone at the top right of the screen

  • Simultaneous mission:

In the multi-activity Squadeasy universe, several simultaneous missions are now available. Thus, in the same day/week you can find running, cycling and walking missions. Be careful, you must think about accepting missions before starting your activity.  

Simultaneous missions exclusively for running will also be available in the SquadRunner universe from June 3, 2019. To access these missions, it will be necessary to update the application.

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  • The famous quizzes:

Boogie continues to work your brains out with a dose of humour through quizzes. In the SquadRunner universe, you will find one quiz a day as usual. The Squadeasy universe includes 3 quizzes per week.


  • A customizable profile:

You can modify your nickname and the name of your team depending on the universe, from the "Preferences" tab accessible from the side menu, then "Profile". You will then find your customizable information.

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If you have any other questions, please read the FAQ or send an email to

FAQ Squadeasy

SquadRunner becomes Squadeasy

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