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From Boogie's origins to the Squaddies' new medals

Publié par Boogie on Jun 25, 2019 3:37:44 PM

Boogie went back in time to learn about his ancestors. He has set off on an initiatory journey towards becoming his best self! During his journey, our favourite hairy hero had many adventures, which have inspired him to create new medals. Here is everything you need to know about this adventure!


First stop on Boogie's journey to retrace his origins: the meeting with the Velocirapwolf

I landed on top of a mountain, but it was far too cold for me... I thought to myself that if it was a little chilly with my hair, the great-great-great-great-...cousin must be freezing with his beardless skin. So I went down to the plain, and while chatting with some dinos, I was able to find this dear Velocirapwolf.

He's very nice, and actually he talks a lot. He showed me his techniques to scare the Pterosaurs (like pigeons, but better), the few nice lakes where you could taste local mineral water, and he even gave me a couple of tips to eat well without having to hunt (I had lost my hand a little).

It was while walking towards these lakes that I came across a feast, but I realized a little late that it was already packed. As I was filling my stomach, I felt a presence behind me. A terribly imposing presence, and the weight of a look that wanted to add me to his plate. As I began to close my eyes, accepting my fate and thinking of all the Squaddied I left behind, my cousin grabbed me by the neck, sent me on his back and ran off to the plain from where we came from. I only turned around once, to see if the huge dino who was just about to devour me could keep up, but he was far behind.

When I arrived at the clearing, the Velocirapwolf put me down on the ground, all out of breath. And what a race! Caught speeding at 65km/h on Strava. Word of Boogie, I've rarely seen this. This fear put me in such a state that I preferred to take leave of my cousin (after having warmly thanked him) and go home. A hell of an adventure, which is not the last. One thing is for sure, being this oblivious won't happen to me twice. The rest of my journey will, I hope, be a little less emotional.


Second stage of Boogie's initiatory journey, face to face with Tutankhawolf

After my test trip to the time of the dinosaurs when I was able to meet this dear Velocirapwolf, I got into the machine again in the hope of falling into a more relaxed time, and especially a little less risky for my beautiful dog life. What a relief it was when I landed the paws in the sand, with a little sunrise, very pleasant.

It was only after a few minutes of walking that I realized that I had absolutely no idea where I was, where I was going, and how to find my way around. It was while climbing a sand dune that I turned white: I was in the middle of the desert! The sun was not yet high in the sky, I had time to find a shelter, refuge, oasis... I decided to focus on what seemed to me to be, in the distance, a city. As I was on the road all day long, I had time to wondered how I was going to find my cousin this time.

Overwhelmed by the heat, lack of water and fatigue, I think I was a little delirious. Looking back, I am sure of it, since I had a discussion with my travelling companion, who turned out to be myself. "Boogie, between us, the high proteins croquettes will no longer be possible... You know we can't digest them. And also, easy on the new versions of the app without warning the Squaddies eh... Yeah, and your profile picture's, gonna have to do something, how do you want to be taken like a serious canine with your hat crooked?" On those wise words, I (we?) arrived at the gates of the city, in which I was very well received, with litres of water and massages of sore muscles.

Once I was done being pampered, I went in search of Tutankhawolf. Not very discreet the fellow, his residence is the largest in the city: the palace. The cousin's good health and vivacity were obvious to me from the very first minutes I spent with him. We talked at length about his responsibilities, his difficulties in leading a city on the edge of the nile and a whole country, and also the possibility of adding a swimming option on the app in the distant future. But I finally managed to ask him the question that had been burning my lips since we met: what is his training program?

"Oh it's very simple, I start with a little joint and muscle warm-up, then I do a quiet jog from the palate to the Nile. I continue with 4 crossings of the Nile, then a sustained pace run to the Pyramids, I climb them, and I return quietly to the Palace. After that, my day can start." Well yes, very simple after all, just an Iron man with D+ every morning. Why didn't I think of that before? I had to let the cousin go back to his occupations, a story of a locust invasion in the city, and I went back to the machine (but this time with water bottles). The return went smoothly, and when I got home I just wanted to go back and find other cousins. I had no idea where my next trip was going to lead me.



Third stage of Boogie's initiatory journey, the interview with Spartawolf

After my arrival in the desert during the previous trip, imagine how happy I was when I realized I was near a stream. More particularly the Eurotas. It was when I saw a group of soldiers passing by that I understood where I was: in Ancient Greece. And not just anywhere: not far from Sparta.

Finding my cousin wasn't very complicated. When I arrived in the city, I realized that the Spartans were not very hairy, and my cousin was. He taught me that in Sparta, community spirit was very important. Here, everyone learns from an early age to serve others and the city. This can be done through military, political, etc. training. In his case, he became a messenger because he was extremely resilient, regardless of the weather conditions or the steepness of the terrain.

Being in a time of war, he told me that he had to join the Spartan and Athenian troops who were busy fighting the Persians. He asked me to come with him, if I could keep up. You know me, I couldn't say no to a long trail trip in the middle of Greek nature. So we were on our way to the front when Persians ambushed us around a gorge. Unable to fight, especially against soldiers, I was seriously wondering how I was going to get out of it this time.

Then my cousin looked at me, and jumped into the deep canyon of at least 8 meters of water screaming "Kawaboogiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiie". Without hesitation, I followed him and landed in the water (it was good) a few meters below. The astonished soldiers turned around, letting us splash around. Once we recovered from our emotions, my cousin dropped me off in Sparta and went back to do his duty. I have it from a reliable source that on that day, we had not only created canyoning, but also given birth to a famous shout, many times distorted and now used by a turtle gang. It was the wet hair I was going home that night.




Fourth stage of Boogie's genealogical-trip, the meeting with Juwolf Ceasar

It was at the edge of a forest that I went this time. A huge camp of tents, perfectly organized and lined up, stood before my amazed eyes. The legion that came out of the camp at that moment put the flea in my ear: they were Romans. So I made my way to the guards at the entrance and was escorted under good guard to the largest tent. Julioucesar's one.

Even when you know it, it's hard enough to imagine that such an important character keeps walking around with laurel on his head. Well, believe me, it is the case. And it stank in the tent (you can guess that I can't stand this plant right?). Anyway, he welcomed me and explained that he was receiving gifts from all over his empire today. I may be used to be amazed by all these trips, but I must say that all the exotic food, riches and goods that marched in this tent all afternoon still leave me speechless.

A red peacock coming straight from faraway lands, a dwarf capable of running fast and travelling far, contortionists with modular bodies and singers with angel voices, everything was magnificent. Then came a cake in such an attractive shape that I couldn't help but lick my lips. Flowing from a delicious beverage and shining like a star, its name was unpronounceable in our language. That is why Julioucésar decided to rename it, with the same name as the camp in which we were. This is how the babaorum, which has since become the Baba au Rhum, was made official.

After this parade of gifts, my cousin demanded that we be left alone. He told me that the hardest thing was not finally to win wars, but to keep the peace. And these damn Gauls were constantly protesting against triathlon. He said goodbye and explained to me that he had to go and demonstrate to a village of irreducible people the benefits of supplies, whereas they swore only by their individual potion flask. I was glad not to have an empire to manage, it was with a rested head that I went home.



Fifth stop on the journey of our favorite hero, the Viking Wolf's first-hand experience.

The cold and the snow. These are the first two things I immediately recognized when I arrived. A terrible cold. I was going to need to cover myself a little if I wanted to stay outdoors. It is while walking in the snow that I saw a village in the distance. The great difficulty was not to go there, but to find my cousin. Here people were much more hairy than on my previous trips. After much research, I finally found it.

He was sharpening his sword as he looked at the sea. He explained to me that the village was to go on an expedition, the diviner had had a vision: they had to find Odin's house, which is called Asgard. The departure was scheduled a few hours later, I had just enough time to get to know my cousin and find a blanket for my size that we had left. We were setting sail for a land that the warriors had never set foot on before. Even colder than the island we just left, I couldn't imagine what kind of animals or creatures lived here.

Between the boars a few meters high, or the bears as white as snow and as fast as the wind, the warriors were put to the test. Unfortunately, all their bravery did not seem to charm Odin, who never once told us where his home was. After days of shivering in this vast desert, the village chief decided to return home, at the risk of looting if we left for too long. The return journey was silent and sad, everyone hoped to finally find Asgard, and everyone was disappointed that this was not the case.

Back in the village, I said goodbye to my cousin, apologising for not being able to be useful. "Don't worry, the next expedition will take us to lands we know well now, where the inhabitants are still waiting for us with their arms full of food and riches," he replied with a carnivorous smile. Not wanting to know more, it was the tormented spirit that I was heading towards the next stage of my journey.



Sixth crossing point for Boogie : the journey with Pirate Wolf


Can you imagine the noise of taverns, the clash of swords, the sound of shots, the voices of damsels being disturbed, the deep and fat laughter following a joke that should have been no less so, the growls of pigs, the chirping of animals of all kinds, the smell of sewers, heady perfumes, beer and rum, the sea wind and that of rain? So you have a vague idea of how I felt when I landed in the time of my 6th cousin.

Where was I? In Tortuga, my little lady. And in the racket and the ambient disorder, with all the senses on the lookout, I set out to search for my ancestor. First place to look: the tavern of course. After all, it is a family skill. There he was, leaning against the counter, watching a well-filled table, which seemed to make even more noise than the others (if that was possible). After a few words, I followed him towards his crew and we headed for the port. It was time for me to embark on my first journey as a sailor.

I sat next to a brave mate, who was struggling to explain the different marine knots to me. After a few hours of sailing, I realized that we were not really making any progress and I set out to look at the sea. Flat, a huge flat expanse, like a huge wasteland. And the heavy air, with no wind, no movement. Time froze. That is what the situation looked like when I heard my cousin scream "All to the canoes!". It was impossible for me to understand this sudden order, I saw nothing threatening, everything seemed motionless. However, as one man, the whole team abandoned their post, dropped ropes, sails and other pulleys and headed for the boats.

With a gesture of the chin, the captain made me understand to follow the march. Resolved, so I followed the group without really understanding. After a few minutes in the canoes, to the rhythm of the oars sinking and then emerging from the water, I opened my eyes. Two huge tentacles, similar to that of an octopus by appearance, fell on our boat and dragged it from the bottom. "Damn Kraken," whispered a sailor. So the cousin had a scent, with whatever sense, that the Kraken was after us. Still, he had saved our lives.

Seeing my amazed look, the captain spoke to me low down: "This is not the first time he has saved us, you know. Once he stopped us from following a Spanish galleon we were almost holding, all so we could see it crash into reefs a few minutes later. Since then, everyone has been listening to him." Before going even lower: "You know, many people travel the world in search of Treasures crazier than each other, forgetting that the greatest treasure they can find is a crew that is considered as their family". With a heart full of emotion, I said goodbye to my cousin and the crew when a boat dropped us off on the beaches of Tortuga. So I went home with my head full of memories and already my appetite for a new trip was growing.




Seventh meeting for Boogie and not the least, Loup XIV

With hindsight, it was one of the least tricky trips. I appeared not far from Versailles, so I avoided a trip in the desert, or a walk in Tortuga. I had a little trouble convincing the guards that I was a distant cousin of Wolf XIV, but they finally let me pass. He was in the common room, with a number of courtiers. Everyone was drinking his words, and I suddenly realized that he was talking about a trick to train for a "4 places" (our half-marathon in general).

He praised the merits of fundamental endurance, which he still practiced at 2 places per dial (10 km/h). All were admiring his mastery of the race and the power he was giving off. I followed him the rest of the day, mingled with the courtiers. People from all over the world came to listen to him or to share their experiences with him. In the gardens, some of them were part of a bay in their region that allowed them to hydrate while running while filling the feeling of satiety.

At the fountains, others breathed the technique of 4 beats, to breathe regularly and make it easier to cross any body of water. At the bend of the palm game room, we even heard a brave man claim that Wolf XIV should immediately organize a race of 8 places each year in a nearby village called Paris, so that everyone could compete with him. I only had time to ask him one question in private, namely the secret of running an 8 league race in less than two dials. I prefer to keep to myself the words that came out of his mouth that day. It was with a head full of stars and emotions that I returned home, eager to put his advice to good use.




Eighth crossing point for Boogie: The Great Wolf Chief


In my city there are cacti, or at least in my field of vision. Here I am again in the middle of the desert, congratulations Boogie well done. It was the first thing that came to mind when I opened my eyes. I was in an arid plain, with many cacti and, surprisingly, a few buffalo.

It turns out that I was actually at the entrance of a village, I was just looking in the wrong direction. So I went into the village, noticing that the children around me were playing: chasing after each other, fighting and sometimes getting high to escape, a group of men and women were doing the dishes while a last group of seated men were staring at me.

I went to meet them when one of them smiled and came to meet me. He must have recognized me, because at his own pace there was no doubt that it was my (great-great-great-great-great-great-ec) cousin Grand Chief Wolf! He took me in his arms and trained me apart under the stunned eyes of the other villagers. Our discussion lasted for a very long time, and the topics were many and varied. Which berry to pick according to the time of year, at which part of the river the fish were most abundant, how to improve your PR when you are being chased by a buffalo, etc.

The subject that intrigued me the most was the one about newcomers. They were lighter in colour, wore round hats (what a funny idea when you can wear beautiful and practical headdresses) and were convinced that they knew everything about running. "They think that the only value of running is when it is practiced in a short sprint over a short distance. Have they ever heard of fundamental endurance, fractionation, cross training or even wildebeest running? No, their vision is far too self-centred. For them we are the ignorant savages, How can there be so much that they don't know."

With these words, we headed towards the village. As his obligations caught up with him, my cousin left me with the other inhabitants. It was with thoughts and questions in my head that I went home that night.





The second to last step of Boogie's initiatory journey, a choreography with Disco Wolf


The second to last stage of my journey was to lead me into the middle of a turbulent period. I had to find my cousin Disco Loup, and I took it from my father that he had two cute sins, mountain trails and nightclubs. So I found him logically in the middle of training, and we had plenty of time to talk after training.

He was surprised to learn that we were equipped with sticks, bags and other gels to accompany us on our mountain adventures. I was quite surprised to find that a tank top that was far too loose, a hair band and a legendary pink mini shorts (which would not have lost a little more room) were the almost complete set of his gear.

As the training and discussion was coming to an end, Disco Wolf suggested that I go and experience the famous Saturday night fever. I might as well tell you that it didn't take me long to find myself wearing my best clubber gear.

When I arrived at the funk temple, my cousin told me that there was a group of 5 resident dancers who had been winning all the dance battles for months. It was without counting on the family choreography that I was quick to teach him.

A burning dance floor later, the whole club was staring at us. Far from being bad losers, the 5 brothers came to congratulate us by offering us some swabs of a delicious Mexican drink. I learned a few years later that this wonderful evening had been immortalised by these 5 nice guys in a music entitled "Blame it on the Boogie". I still sometimes shake my feet in memory of that night.




And now what ?


After all these travels, and by drawing inspiration from the best of all my cousins I have ever met, I have been able to become a better version of myself. At peace with myself, but also with my fellows and squaddies, I am much more serene than when I left. I am also more aware of the planet I live on and the respect I owe it.




So, which cousin did you prefer ? 

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