Published by Brice Chapignac, 01/28/21

THE RESPONSIBLE TURFU 4: What if the energies were men? (3/3)



Continuation and end of my series "And if the energies were men". 
We weren't going to leave each other like that. I still have a few friends to introduce you...

9. Hydroelectricity or the good leg 

Hydropower is the conversion of the force of water into electricity. 
Hydroelectricity is not new, nor is it from the 1970s.... For more than a thousand years already, man, not so stupid even then, had understood that rivers could be good friends, hence the arrival of mills. 
We don't talk much about hydroelectricity, it's the mark of the good paw. Discreet like Banksy, helping like a good shrink. 
Indeed, hydro represents 70% of the total production of renewable energy (RE) in the world, and about 17% of the total energy production. All this with emissions of about 20g of CO2 per KWh, half as much as photovoltaics.
In addition, the world's hydropower potential is still largely under-exploited.
This being said, let's not get too excited about it. A good paw can get its hands dirty. 
For whoever says building a dam, says upheaval of the eco-systems, displacement of populations, disappearance of agricultural land at the level of artificial reservoirs, and mountains of concrete ... Worse still, in a situation of increased water stress as global warming increases, water becomes a geo-political weapon. For example, the Ethiopian mega-dam under construction on the Nile is at the center of tensions with Egypt and Sudan located below the dam. 
So for those who are more aware, there have been initiatives on the subject for quite some time, using oceanic marshes in particular, but not much of a convincing large-scale project to date. 

10. Shale Gas and Oil Sands, or the Tie Man in Tie

These two energy sources are called non-conventional oils, unlike the liquid (conventional) oil that comes out of the desert and is almost ready for use. 
Shale gas, or mother rock gas, is a natural gas trapped in the porosities of clayey rocks. Oil Sand is a kind of crude oil mixed with sand and clays... In short, you will have understood that these two are a real pain to extract. Who says galley says energy-consuming says polluting says ecocide... 
Shale Gas is present mainly in America and China, while oil sand is more concentrated in Canada and Venezuela. 
A good braquo is always done as a team, otherwise Ocean's Eleven would have been called Oceans'One. Well Shale Gas and Oil Sands are a team, to continue to win the world's energy podium when conventional oil fails. Because, if you read my first article, the peak of conventional oil was reached around 2006-2008. So these two cousins took over. They are responsible for a lot of things:
major pollution at every place where it's consumed. 
of major pollution at each location where it extracts
the economic recovery after the subprime crisis (it would be a bit long to explain there but Jancovici explains it very well

11.  The best friend

Life is an adventure. Marked by encounters, good or bad, that allow us, when we can, to sort it out. To consciously choose the encounters that meet our deepest needs, and to run away from others.
It's time to sort it out. Choose the energies that do us good. Run away from the ones that hurt us. In reality, all the energies resulting from transformation through technology are actually doing us harm somewhere. They allow us to go to Bali in winter, to eat mangoes in front of Netflix, to buy shoes made by little hairless hands... These are not needs, at best desires. 
There is an energy in each of us, renewable, archaic, infinite. The one driven by the most complex engine there is. This energy is that produced by the human heart. It allows us to breathe, to move, to feel, to counterbalance, sensitive, to the predatory inclinations of the egotic brain.
This energy emits about 300kg of CO2 per year per human body (20 times less than a Paris Bali flight in a few hours), and should be our main energy. 

12. Hydrogen Bonus

There are so many fantasies about the hydrogen that will save the airplane that we will make an article about it, apart from one of these four.

The end.

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