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Published by Boogie, 06/21/21

The 6 most dangerous jobs for your health

The 6 most dangerous jobs for your health

Some professions work in much more problematic environments, with contact with chemicals, diseases, dangerous machines, etc. For these workers, life expectancy may be somewhat shorter. For these workers, life expectancy may be a little shorter. Take a look at this list before you choose your job, you never know.


Dental professionals

Yes, dentists and their assistants work in a risky environment, as surprising as that may sound. This is due to the risk of infection, but not only that. Dentists are often exposed to X-rays when they take X-rays (even if they protect themselves by leaving the room etc.) and some of the products they use are also dangerous with repeated use. Detergents and chemicals used to make their workplace clean are bad for the body, and glues, cements or resins used in care contaminate the body through the respiratory tract. Add to this the fact that dentists have to adopt postures that are not good for the body in the long run, and it starts to add up

Aeroplane pilot 

No, being a pilot is not ONLY about sleeping with stewardesses! You are less protected from the sun's rays and that's not very cool. As a result, the risk of cancer is higher. The air in planes is not healthy either, it is full of toxic agents, which does not help matters. In short, it's not very nice. 

Pruners and woodcutters 

As you can imagine, a job that consists of cutting up trees with a chainsaw (among other things) with the risk of falling objects and heavy plants is not only hard on the body, but also extremely dangerous. In addition to all this, we can mention the vibration of the machines, which damages the body, and the hearing problems if we do not protect ourselves sufficiently.


It's a bit like the risks of a dentist, but you also have to deal with rats and snakes. 

Construction worker

Dangerous machines, heavy objects, sharp objects, repetitive motions, expensive joints, constant earaches... If you want to stay safe and comfortable, forget about construction.

(Bonus) Being a rapper in the US

Settlements and big fights, the life of an artist. 

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