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Published by Boogie, 04/29/21

Surpassing oneself: a real art

Dépassement de soi


The explorer and adventurer, Mike Horn, has made the art of surpassing oneself a way of life. From the Amazon to the Antarctic via the Himalayas, he has never stopped surpassing his physical and mental limits. To take up a challenge, be it sporting, personal or professional, is to take a leap into the unknown. This leap, without having to cross Antarctica alone, is something each of us is capable of.

Why challenge yourself?

Challenges drive action and motivation. They allow us to break or implement a habit. For example, to prepare for this race, I will train and run more regularly, but also take care of my health.

Challenges also help to push one's limits and improve one's self-confidence. The benefits of taking on challenges far outweigh any initial fear. Whatever the type of challenge, it allows us to progress through new life experiences and to increase our capacity to adapt.

Find a challenge that makes us dream

Mike Horn didn't become the legend he is overnight, but what made him grow was above all passion. It is therefore important to find a challenge that makes you dream.

We must not get too big for our britches and embark on a huge project that could discourage us. The best thing to do is to take on a series of small challenges, of a limited duration of 1 to 2 months to start with.


Finally, I advise you to share your challenge with those around you. In this way, it becomes concrete and it is more difficult to shy away from it. In addition, you become a source of inspiration and motivation for those around you.

Here are some ideas for challenges:

- Doing a long hike

- Turning off your phone for 24 hours

- Stop thinking negative and critical thoughts for a week

- Do nothing for 30 minutes

- Take the stairs instead of the lift or escalator

- Use your car as little as possible and replace it with a bicycle, walk or public transport

- Talk to a stranger every day

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