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Published by Boogie, 04/29/21

Strengthening muscles: it's not just Cardio-Training

Renforcement musculaire


When you're a runner, cyclist or walker, you tend to focus on your cardio during your workouts. But muscle strengthening exercises are just as important! But why are they important?

What is muscle strengthening?

Muscle strengthening aims to work a muscle or a group of muscles. The work done on the muscles will make them stronger, more defined or more enduring, depending on the objectives set and the way in which the strengthening is done.

Vary your physical activity by strengthening your muscles

It is important to vary your training when doing a physical activity with repetitive movements such as running. Repeating the same movements only strengthens the same muscles and can create trauma or imbalances. Strengthening muscles is a great way to work other muscles and to vary the workout or intensity. It is also a good way to stay motivated!

Different objectives of muscle strengthening

Muscle strengthening exercises are not just about building muscle. They also allow you to dry out and strengthen your joints by improving the oxygenation of your muscles. The feeling of fatigue is therefore reduced. It also helps to increase endurance.

Strengthening muscles can also influence self-confidence. As the saying goes: a mind of steel in a body of steel!


Bonus: Some benefits of strength training

- More stability: One muscle being stronger than another can create an imbalance. Strengthening the muscles harmonises the muscle mass and brings the body back into balance.

- More strength: Strengthening the muscle improves precision and power. Gestures are more confident.

- More endurance: The better oxygenation of the muscle allows it to last longer.

- Less injury: As the muscle and joints are stronger, the risk of injury is reduced.

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