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Published by Boogie, 06/15/21

Innovating management through gamification

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As competition is becoming increasingly tough for all companies, innovation management has become an essential and strategic practice to ensure their sustainability. Indeed, it is now essential to constantly innovate in order to remain visible and competitive in a market that is constantly changing.

What do the French think about it? 

According to a survey conducted in December 2017 by BVA for Audencia, managerial innovation is perceived as :

- a way to improve economic performance (64%)

- a way to make employees work harder (61%)

- a fad among managers (55%)

- a way to promote well-being (40%)

Squadeasy, the platform that makes you move and makes you happy 

The Squadeasy application strengthens team cohesion, motivation and quality of life at work. How does it do that? Through gamification and sport. Through a number of sports and connected challenges, your employees commit to themselves, to their company and to a virtuous collective goal. 

And since last year, at Squadeasy we have been getting our clients to commit to reforestation through the PUR PROJECT initiative for 360-degree management strategy.

A powerful and creative managerial innovation that continues to prove the benefits of these actions to your employees. 




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