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Published by Boogie, 12/23/20

Exercise at lunchtime and re-launch your day!

Following our first article "Workplace wellness belongs to the early risers", we will now look at how our quality of life at work can improve if we exercise during our lunch break!

Waking up 5 times late and then finally being late, children to prepare and then take to school, getting up early to do sports in the morning before work can be a struggle for some. The best solution is then to do sports during their lunch break. Here are our 5 good reasons to play sports at lunchtime: 

1. To relax

Sport promotes intellectual alertness. Numerous studies have proven that activating your body and changing your mind is good for your brain. There is a better blood supply. It is also known that sport promotes intellectual alertness. When you come back from sport, the worry you have been experiencing all morning will seem much clearer, you will feel much more relaxed and less stressed.

Exercise at lunchtime


2. For more productivity at work

Contrary to what one thinks of doing sports at lunchtime does not tire but gives energy. Nothing better than feeling toned and fit after a session.

The hormones released such as serotonin act directly on several factors including mood. You will therefore last until the end of the day.

3. To be more awake than in the morning

You are naturally active from 2pm to 6pm. This is partly due to testosterone, which seems to react best to effort at this time of day, but also because your body temperature is at its peak. You should feel a little stronger, more supple (up to 20% more). And your lungs should be working to their maximum capacity, boosting your endurance for harder exercise. 

Exercise at lunch time


4. To have your whole evening free

Doing sports at lunchtime allows you to have your evening free. After work, you can devote yourself entirely to your "personal life". After-work, children, shopping, no last minute cancellations.

5. To get to know your colleagues better

If you look around, there are surely a few colleagues of yours who also practice sports at lunchtime. Nothing better to motivate yourself and create team cohesion. 

What about you? Do you do sports at lunchtime with your colleagues?

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