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Published by Boogie, 12/23/20

Corporate sport and diversity

It is simple to believe in diversity and inclusiveness in the abstract. After all, these are ideals towards which our societies are striving. Indeed, within a team, having employees from different backgrounds, with differing opinions, opposing points of view, is an asset because it is a richness through which creativity is born.

If we only surround ourselves with our peers, those who think like us, those who come from the same background as us, we are less likely to find innovative solutions. Why is this? Simply because we will always approach problems in the same way.
corporate sport, diversity, team building

The Strength of Diversity versus the Effectiveness of Cultural Affinity

This being the self is easier to set up and live. Going towards the other requires an extra effort. In order not to complicate life as much as not to do it. Hence the choice to base decisions to recruit or not to recruit a particular candidate on their potential to integrate into the team, the famous 'cultural affinity'. But by choosing the easy way out, we run the risk of not renewing ourselves. Those who are like us, our families, our communities, give us support, are our anchors. But like a plant that has become too big for its pot, to continue to grow, to evolve, we must find a new pot, feed on new land, leave our cozy nest. And this is the problem, because leaving your comfort zone represents a risk: the risk of losing your bearings and changing. In an article in the Harvard Business Review, David Rock and Heidi Grant explain:

"Hiring people who are not like you in their appearance or in the way they talk and think gives you an unprecedented opportunity to overcome the costly compliance pitfalls that are not conducive to innovation."

corporate sport, diversity, team building

The importance of building relationships based on trust

It is confusing to be confronted with new ways of doing and thinking, those that challenge long-held beliefs. Thus, it is difficult to exploit the vitality inherent in diversity because it requires a management finesse that few possess. How do you build trust among those who are not alike, if at all? How can we create a place for everyone where differences will be respected? Ready-made solutions do not exist, and so much the better, because to create them requires a certain amount of discomfort. To find the right balance between comfort and discomfort, tools exist to help managers federate heterogeneous teams: corporate sport is one of them.

Encouraging regular physical activity is good for the company and its employees. If you do it together, it's even better because it changes the dynamics within a team and helps to ease tensions and overcome differences. Corporate sport is a real driving force for team cohesion, however heterogeneous and diverse it may be.

If the practice of sport in the workplace has become a key issue for any responsible employer, it is no less beneficial for all your employees. Your needs are varied, our solution is unique thanks to state-of-the-art technology and fun challenges to serve a unique experience of connected physical activity.


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